Horizontal Sliding Doors

Horizontal Sliding Doors date back to 1900.  This simple, low-maintenance design is still widely used today and often provides lasting operation for hangar door and commercial building applications.  Horizontal sliding doors can be used in large hangars as well as smaller industrial buildings.  Doors can also incorporate a pilot door for easy personnel access without opening the larger slider.

Basic components are panels with rollers on top, hanging from an overhead track. Heavier or larger hangar doors may utilize a v-groove or railway wheels supported in a floor track.  Sliding doors are operated without springs, cables or motors and are simple to use and maintain. When used normal they will last for decades.

Horizontal Sliding Doors require side clearance in either direction, typically overlapping a wall that’s at least the same width as the door panel(s). They take up little headroom and can even be installed inside a door frame with zero headroom if needed.  Interior overhead space is unobstructed by the door, unlike roll-up or vertical lift  doors.